Contests Galore

I’m still trying to come up with a good name for my spindleworks (all the while assuring Dru that no, I’m not letting this spindle-makingthing get out of hand, really!), so I’m keeping my mini-contest open a few days later. (I teach on Sunday, maybe that would be a good day tohave chosen something, y’think?!) Leave me your 2 cents and help me figure out a good name — “Fox Den” Fibersomthingorother is taken; I’m contemplating “FolkLore”…

* * * * *

Anther Emily in the knit-blogosphere is having a contest, for a cause! Go here for more information about the contest (and great prizes!) as she tries to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through selling her neat-looking Pearl’s Diamond Sock pattern! (And who doesn’t love more sock patterns?)

* * * * *

Vicki is hosting a contest to find as many low-yardage free projects as possible: what can I knit with 1 to 285yds? Send her a link to a free pattern and be entered in her draw — and check out the fantastic list she’s compiled!

* * * * *

And over at No More Sweaters! Faith’s having a blogiversary contest — just leave her your favourite joke (and wish her well, of course!) and you could win some fabulous knitswag.

Best of luck, everyone!



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2 responses to “Contests Galore

  1. Lady O

    Spindleworks is kind of a cool name on its own…

  2. Lady O

    *thinks more*

    So if Spindleworks could be part of a name, not a whole name in itself…

    While not Celtic, but Norse and still kind of folkloric – the name Bekkhild (or Bekkhildr) means literally ‘bench-battle’ or maybe more properly ‘bench-warrior’, it is a woman’s name – actually the sister of Brynhildr (of Wagnerian fame). She is the domestic half to Brynhildr (chain-mail battle), giving the active engagement warfare aspect to “women’s work” done in the hall on the bench – that is particularly spinning, weaving, and sewing (pretty much all inclusive of the fiber arts).

    Interestingly enough there is a fair amount of spinning in the family sagas -where it is also often related to some magical element- but much more weaving overall – including some really gruesome bekkhild, when a group of disir (female supernatural beings frequently but not exclusively associated with battle) weave a tapestry where all the weaving elements -warp, weft, and weights- are body parts – think intestines and heads – while they prophesize the outcome of the Battle of Clontarf.

    The Norns – who are the Norse Fates – are more often associated with child birth than spinning… unlike the Fates where spinning the life thread is a popular image (though they have much cooler name and get brought up in cool poetry where dragons explain their origins to heroes… Norse is weird… while, Who are the Norns, is a cool sounding question, it is kind of a strange thing for a guy to ask the dragon he has just mortally wounded.)

    Wow… that was long and rambly…

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