Happy Birthday to Me!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of my birth.

I’ve already celebrated in grand fashion. I have a dear friend who’s 30th was just last week, so we collaborated and threw ourselves a huge party last Saturday — the back room of a nifty local club, two live bands, all the cupcakes I could obsessively bake the night before (almost 100!), as many friends as we could pack in, even a chocolate fountain! It was a fantastic evening.

So today, I’m taking it easy. I still have vestiges of The Cold, but this doesn’t really interfere with my plans of reading, drinking tea, and knitting.

And speaking of knitting… no, I really haven’t been doing much of it at all. A bit of work on a second pair of Icewine mittens, to be sure the pattern is ready for release (soon!). Some noodling around with unsuccessful swatches. Much assessment of the current WIPs, all left in their bin for being “too fiddly”. Regardless of my knitting ennui, there was a bit of stash enhancement earlier this week, with some gorgeous Indigo Moon laceweight silk in “Mulberry”“Wine”, Manos Del Uruguay wool in my favorite colors, to complete work on a simple triangular shawl I’m making, and my very first pair of Addi Turbo needles (2mm, for socks and lace)! I’d show you photos, but alas, I left my camera at the party last weekend, and have not yet picked it up form my friend. So you’ll have to just take my work that they are lovely, and I hope will kick-start me back to knitting soon.



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13 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Aven

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your snow day (I assume…).

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! All the best for the year(s) to come!

  3. Happy birthday! My 30th is coming up in a couple months; you’re inspiring me to celebrate in grand style.

  4. Hey, that wasn’t me! 30 has long been and gone around here (you were there, if I’m not mistaken). Happy birthday. And speaking of birthdays, which so often come with packages, would you be so kind as to e-mail me your address one more time? I know I’m forgetful as hell, but today is payday, and payday is a good time to send packages.

  5. Happy Birthday! (here from Danielle’s blog)

  6. Happy Birthday Em!! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful one! All the best in your next year! :)

  7. Happy Birthday!! Have a great one!

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you get lots of rest and have a fun day doing just what you love to do!

  9. sulafaye

    Happy birthday! So glad to hear you’re doing it up right!!

  10. happy Birthday—-today (Feb 1st) is my daughters 31st birthday!!

  11. Goodness. Happy Birthday, secret Emily. I hope you’ll enjoy this very wonderful decade too.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about you recently as I’ve been hunting for more luscious yarn, but now, finally a second batch is on its way…. Thanks for all the temptation. :-)

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