Cold season, warm feet

I have been hit with a truly awful cold. Nothing is particularly notable about it — not like that one with the copious snot, or window-rattling coughs, or the many times I’ve lost my voice entirely — yet it is a bad cold, one that has had me take a day and a half off of work, and made wish I’d taken today off as well. In lieu of that, I seem to have taken time off of knitting.

I know that seems rather shocking — I mean, if you were given a free day or two, would you not think you’d spend it relaxing with an audiobook, tea, and your sticks and string? Me too (I thought) but in actuality I’ve spent my time drinking mineral water and reading voraciously. Two novels devoured in as many days! and yet not a stitch on the needles not twirl to the spindle.

My pyjamas-and-books time has not been graced entirely without the favour of knitting, however. I have been made infintely warmer and more cozy as I loaf about, not knitting at all, in my raccoon-print pjs and purple bathrobe, by the fabulous feltedness of my new clogs:

purple felted clogs
Felted Clogs (Ravelry link)

I cannot express how much I like these things, but to say that you absolutely must go out right now and knit yourself a pair, unless you already have some, or are taking time off, like me.



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6 responses to “Cold season, warm feet

  1. feel better I too have been battling the cold and its effects on my desire to knit so I can totally sympathize!!!

  2. oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Your clogs do look so nice and toasty… I may just have to knit some for myself. :)

  3. milmom

    You mean you can’t read and knit at the same time?
    What really cool looking clogs!

  4. great clogs!

    please visit my blog-you always make my day!

  5. Yay for the clogs! Aren’t they the awesomest?

    Boo for the cold, though. Hope you shake it quickly. Good thing it’s almost spring, right? :)

  6. Aw, man, the # of horrible cold/flu/pneumonia victims seems to be climbing ever higher this season! I hope you feel better. The clogs will surely help.

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