Yesterday at the Purple Purl I taught my first class, and Introduction to Drop Spindle Spinning. Does this make me a “professional” spinner now, I wonder?

I had been very nervous in the morning — I really don’t know why, but I always get “stage fright”, regardless of how many workshops I’ve led or seminars presented in the past. Nevertheless, I think once the class actually got started, things went really well! Once there were spindles whirling and fluff being transformed into Real Live Yarn, folks got more talkative and the time just flew by. Everyone went away with a full length of their own handspun singles, a small bit of 2-ply (spun using the Andean method), and a ‘goodie bag’ of many fun fibres to sample, including BFL, alpaca, and Soysilk!

The class also got their own spindles to take home (what’s the point in learning how to spin if you can’t practice afterwards?). I made them up ahead of time, so I got a lovely ‘bouquet’ shot before they were all distributed:


Of course, I had to keep one for myself, too!
spindle & soysilk

I’ve been playing with the rainbow-dyed soysilk, which is so surprisingly like silk I’m still amazed. It has sheen, a fair bit of strength, smoothness, the occasional noil, and the same ability to fly apart and stick to everything that silk does! Fun stuff!

For those of you in the Toronto area, if you are thinking of trying your hand at drop-spindle spinning but want a bit of hands-on instruction, I’ll be teaching another session mid-February! Just drop a line to thePurple Purl for more information. [End of shameless self-promotion ;) ]



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5 responses to “Classtime!

  1. That’s so awesome that you are teaching already!

    The drop spindles are really beautiful. I’m sure if you made a few and put them on Etsy, you’d sell quite a lot.

    Good luck teaching next time — I’m sure you are a natural at it!

  2. Wow! Teaching!! Your drop spindles are incredibly gorgeous, as is that soy silk!

    (And yes I do believe that most people would now consider you a “professional” spindler!) :)

  3. Lady O

    :D Awesome! Congrats! All growed up and teaching spinning.

    Those are amazing looking!

  4. What lovely drop spindles! and for a beginner class, that is truly wonderful. How could they not want to continue with such gorgeous spindles to play with?

  5. And a wonderful job you did of said teaching!!! We feel lucky to have you! There is already someone signed up for your next class in February! And I have been playing with your spindle as well….I think I may need to keep one.


    Happy Stitching!

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