Drumroll please…

What was I doing here?….

Oh, that’s right — my contest!

(I really hadn’t forgotten about it. Really! I’m just caught in the throes of pre-holiday work and cookie-baking insanity.)

Huh? What was that? Oh, right! Contest.

…Drumroll please…

And the winners are: Lady O and Deb!!!

Congratulations you two! I’ll be emailing you shortly (shorter than I did with posting these results, at least) and figuring out the best prizes to send off. I’m thinking it will come down to your preference between pre-made yarn vs. proto-yarn (spinning), with perhaps a handspun option…

In the end, I had 42 comments (thanks everyone!) and 2 pingbacks (thanks Chris and Chan!). The contest page has also had more than 300 unique views since it was first posted (wow!), which I’m taking to mean either I got about a 20% response rate or a few of you were really trying to mess with my stats. No matter what, I’m really grateful for all the comments you guys left, I’ve been turned on to some great new blogs through them (your own included, perhaps?), and have had a lot of fun!

Now back to the paperwork mines and cookie mill…

P.S. there will be a mitten update tomorrow-ish, with pictures and everything! Stay tuned for visual excitement and potential patternage!



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2 responses to “Drumroll please…

  1. Lady O

    :D *does excited dance of I never win anything*

    I have hidden from the cookie mill having escaped by dropping fudge in the way as a distraction…(I was then -alas- captured by marking-slave traders and was chained to an oar in the end of term galley).

  2. congrats ladies! Everyone is so holiday busy! enjoy!

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