Knitty: Winter 2007

Have you seen it yet?

Well, go on! (I’ll wait for you.)

Pretty awesome, eh? This is the issue full of patterns that I look at and think, “My gods! Why didn’t I think about that? Of course you can do this with that!” Like the slipped-stitch cables in these Slippery socks, or the openwork, reversible cables in the amazing Jeanie wrap, or even the trick of using Noro to produce faux-Fair Isle tams.

There are so many ultimately knittable patterns in this issue, it makes me wish I hadn’t already got my queue of holiday gift projects lined up! “You didn’t really want a hat and mitts for Christmas, did you? I thought so. Good, now I can go knit things JUST FOR ME.”

* * * * *

In other news, there are only a few days left to enter my contest. Go on, leave me a comment, and then take some time to read through the amazing links — and blogs of the commenters — that have been left there already!


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One response to “Knitty: Winter 2007

  1. LOL, I’m feeling the same about wanting to drop everything and knit the patterns in Knitty — but I don’t have a stash to browse through for yarn, and neither do I have money to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn for some of the patterns. Or really, money for yarn for any of the patterns. I am in LOVE with the tams though. So much love.

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