Just My Week

This is just my week.

I’m overtired, working overtime, and still have a very long work-week ahead of me…

I have in no way finished knitting, shopping, or baking for the holidays…

It is cold and icy and snowy and I am wearing impractical boots…

And yet

I have fibery gifties in the mail for me, which will arrive like a surprise from Santa when I’ve forgotten about it entirely…

I have made great new friendships with some terribly nifty knitterly folk, and am doing things that would probably make you all jealous, so I won’t go into the details I can barely keep from typing they’re just so darnedly, unexpectedly cool…

I have a partner who recognizes my stress, does all our laundry on his day off, and is willing to pick me up and drive me to the yarn shop so that I can have some down-time in the company of knitters…

So really, when you think about it, I guess things aren’t so bad.

In fact, I’m a pretty lucky blogger here. I have spindles made and ready to (hopefully) sell (!), and have been getting a huge kick out of all the links you folks are sending me for my contest. If you haven’t entered yet, just pop over there and leave me a comment — I think with a few more I’ll be needing to shop for at least three prizes! If you already have, or are just bored, pop over there and read some of the great links!



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2 responses to “Just My Week

  1. I’ll cross my fingers that your week flies by faster than you ever imagined (and that sleep time seems to be doubled). :)

  2. Sometimes, it’s very hard to see that the good outweighs the bad. At least, for me. Good luck getting through your week!

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