FO: Chicken Cozy!!

Be careful what you wish for…

When I asked Krista what she wanted for her birthday last week, I’m not quite sure why she answered, “a tea cozy shaped like a chicken!” But that is what she got.

chicken tea cosy

I figure that if I were to write up a pattern for this it would hurtle me straight into the realm of “crazy tea cozy lady” and I’m not sure I want to go there. Still, I am fairly pleased with how this fluffy creation came out. Best of all, though, it that Krista likes it, has already put it on her teapot, and it fits!

chicken cozy - flat

Pattern: Chicken Tea Cozy, by me (improvised)
Yarn: Bernat chenille (acrylic); hand-spun orange stuff (wool); scavenged red stuff (wool)
Needles: 9mm circular and 4mm dpns



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7 responses to “FO: Chicken Cozy!!

  1. Seriously awesome! I love it’s little wings!

  2. Better get knitting, hon. Kelly’s going to need about 40 of those. And some lamb cozies too, later on.

  3. I LOVE it so much. I will post a link to him on my tea kettle when I a chance.

  4. HA!!! that is fabulous!!! whoo hooo! speaking if knitters that never cease to amaze!

  5. That’s awesome…. I’d totally knit the pattern!

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  7. I love that one too, can we post it? ALso can we post your new picture of the fingerless mitts?

    You have done such a great job helping US out!

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