Name in Pixels

Have you seen the latest issue of Spindle and Wheel?

Have you checked out the free patterns? Did you notice anything… familiar?

That’s right! My little Autumn Tea Cozy has now hit the big time as Tea Time!

There’s also my fast-and loose SuperQuick Fingerless Mitts! These were so easy to knit it barely feel right to call it a ‘pattern’, but ever since these babies have come off the needles I’ve been wearing them. I had bunch of end-bits from a pet skein of Manos Del Uruguay, and these mitts were my way of making sure every last meter got used up (I absolutely heart this yarn!).

quick fingerless mitts

I also knit me a matching Calorimetry (pattern modified for gauge), and wouldn’t you know it but there’s an article up at S&W on that too! (Great minds think alike, eh?)

It may not be as fancy as getting published in Interweave or Vogue, but I’m still pretty happy to see my name up in pixels. Thanks to Allena and Beau at Spindle and Wheel for being such nice, supportive and all-around cool indy publishers!



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5 responses to “Name in Pixels

  1. Congrats! Your tea cozy is super cute!

  2. Congrats — how awesome! I’m so happy that your work is getting recognition.

    And, the mitts are great — absolutely love them (and will have to try them out soon!)

  3. Congrats! How exciting – and your tea cozy is very cute – great pattern

  4. Congratulations! That is very cool and exciting!

  5. Hi! Love that little cosy….my teapot has been complaining of the winter weather…..maybe it’ll get one for Christmas! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

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