Remember when I was bemoaning my fate, pining for my unattainable love, the Princess Shawl? I shall never forsake my dreams of knitting her, my darling always, but there is a coquettish new lace project that has turned my head, and may yet capture my heart.

Have you seen the soaring beauty of Anne‘s blackbird-wing shawl, (designed to harmonize with Blue Moon Fiber’s new Raven Clan colourways*)? It is stunning and graceful, challenging and clever. It has captured my imagination, and fulfils many of my lace knitting desires (and will be sold as a kit, and for a reasonable price!).

I think I have found a new love.

*I’m totally digging all of these, but most particularly “Rook-y”!



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4 responses to “Lovelace

  1. Ooh! Me too! I showed husband the shawl last night and informed him that it would be made and even allowed him to help me choose the yarn that he will purchase for me to knit it (Valkyre was chosen). I gave him no choice.

    He did point out that Icarus isn’t even started yet (I have a thing for wings yah?) But I tactfully told him that I was being faithful to the other projects still on the needles and the Chirstmas knitting. :)

    He believed me!

  2. Kim

    I’m SO in love with Anne’s new shawl. I’ve been wanting to knit a Faroese for a while, but haven’t found the right one. Raven colourways? so. hard. to. choose!

  3. andrea

    speaking of lace, oops i mean noro scarves… the colourway is 47 (iro). i highly recommend it!

  4. I agree – the new shawl is gorgeous – I’m looking forward to buying the pattern….

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