I’m debating joining in the NaKniSweMo.

Ever since finishing Cobblestone (I swear, that’s one long-overdue FO post, but there has not been a drop of sunshine with which to properly do a photoshoot for it, and I love it so much I want you all to see it in full splendour)(also, Dru does not seem to want to be part of a photoshoot: whyever, I wonder?) I have wanted to knit another sweater. It was such a great knit, challenging yet easy, fast but not instantaneous, great final product.

Then again, I have had serious issues with Gatsby Girl (and there’s another post-in the-making all about the ongoing saga with that one….)

And then, I have 2 sweaters I really, really want to make (Tangled Yoke Cardigan from IK and that James Coviello one from VK), but since I want them so much I also want to use the right yarn for them, which I do not have.

What I do have is 12 balls of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in “Amber Heather”. This was enough for Dru’s Cobblestone, so should be plenty for a cardigan for myself. I’ve swatched for the Nantucket Jacket from IK, even cast on, but a relaxing knit that one does not seem to be. Should that deter me from making it, though?

I’m also tossing around the idea of making the Brennan Cardigan by the lovely Ms. Glenna, or just going dead-simple with that v-neck pullover from Fitted Knits.

Any other suggestions for sweaters I could make?


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One response to “NaKniSweMo?

  1. Lady O

    I’d love to see the Brennan cardi :)

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