FO: Samhain Stockings

Just in time for the end of Socktoberfest, I have a completed pair of socks! Perhaps what I have lacked this month in numbers is made up a bit by length and festiveness?

autumn knee-high socks

Samhain Stockings!

I knit these most of the way to and from Virginia (hooray for car-knitting time!), and so have completed them in about 2 weeks. They’re a simple sock ‘recipe” — toe-up socks on the magic loop, though I knit these one at a time.

autumn sock details
Short row heel and toe.

Varying my game a bit, all the while keeping things simple for work the car, I used a shot-row toe to perfectly match my short-row heel, both out of my solid-coloured yarn. This actually kept things really neat — 56 stitches total, 28 per side, and when I’d knit about halfway up my leg (where one would cast off for a regular sock), I increased 2 stitches every fifth row four times, so that I had a 64 stitch sock (both of these numbers are ones I’m used to with sock-knitting). Then I just knit until I ran out of yarn (seriously: sock #1 is slightly longer than the other!), joined in the solid yarn again, and knit twisted-stitch 1×1 ribbing until I was done! I cast off in the ‘Russian’ way, which I like, but I may have to run some elastic thread through it to keep the socks on if I’m doing a lot of walking.

autumn knee-highs

Samhain Stockings
Pattern: generic toe-up socks (see above)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in “Autumn” (one skein, divided in half), and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Chocolate”
Needles: 1 long 2.25mm circular (magic loop)
Started & Finished: October 2007!

zombie cat
This Hallowe’en I have no costume, though I did wear my new stockings today. Arddu, however, is going out as a Zombie!!

Happy Hallowe’en!!



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5 responses to “FO: Samhain Stockings

  1. alice

    lovely! Those colours remind me of beautiful fall leaves, pumpkins and squashes and all things harvesty , feasty, and autumnal :)

    arrdu could also go as Aggressive Cat, Lion Warning Cat, or Lazr Cat.

    Maximus? Maybe Longcat…. hehehe

  2. Love, no. Adore, your socks!

    You have so inspired me to retry the short-row heel. Maybe this time it will click in my brain. =)

    If not, be wary. I may come steal those!

  3. sinensis

    Oh, purty! I love that colourway. So festive, and the shading is so gradual.

  4. Oh I likey the socks. I need to cast on some socks. I need to learn this magic loop thing, so I can make two socks at once. I would definitely keep an eye on them when I am over, I might try and steal ’em. :)

  5. Those are so cute they give me a cramp (as the Harlot would say)! I never think to combine brands of sock yarn and colorways – I am going to view my stash a whole new way now.

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