Good Mail: October surprise!

What’s this, Max?
SP package

No, kitty, that’s not for you!
SP goodies

That’s some merino/tencel roving, a skein of Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in “Velvet Plum”, and some cute “EMILY” stitch markers — it must be an October surprise package from my Secret Pal! Thanks Secret Pal!

Ok, so I’ve had time to blog this before we need to head out — think I have time to wind off that new skein? Nah, probably shouldn’t…



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7 responses to “Good Mail: October surprise!

  1. Cool Package, and I LOVE the tea cozy, can we include it in the Nov issue? Purty Please???

    Also for your spindles, epoxy works best, gorilla glue holds, but foams for some reason. Crazy glue poops out after a few drops.

  2. Your Secret Pal

    Yay, I’m glad you got it before you left!

  3. That purple Jitterbug just makes me go nnnnnggggghhhhhhlllgllgghhhh…. Want. Want. Must have. Maybe someone at Rhinebeck will be selling Jitterbug….

  4. Awesome haul! I love the color of that Jitterbug!

  5. Kim

    How long does it take to wind a skein? You totally have time for that.

    (Flying knitters should always ensure that their pilots are knitters thus establishing that the plane WILL wait while they wind one more skein)

  6. My cat does that too whenever I get mail! He always has to inspect it and doesn’t car if I’m trying to get a photo.

  7. I made those stitch markers! They’re from my shop (! YEY!

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