Should / Not

Things I should be doing right now:
– finishing the ironing
– Packing for my trip
– laying out work clothes
– Relaxing with tea
– Going to bed at reasonable time

Things I should not be doing right now:
– worrying about not having knitting for the trip
– spending 1/2 hour looking a knitting patterns
– contemplating winding up skeins of sock yarn
– cursing Cobblestone for “ruining me for knitting”
– worrying about not yet posting FO photos for Cobblestone
– blogging

Yarn Chaser:

Misti Alpaca Worsted, from my Secret Pal. To become fingerless mitts?



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3 responses to “Should / Not

  1. You need to find a hobby, hon. Something to take your mind off the knitting. ;)

  2. Kelly

    Sheesh, if everybody went around getting all distracted by things they *ought* to be doing, what fun would we have?

  3. Found you on Yarnival. I’ll be back…


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