I should feel happy: I’m at home for the evening, little responsibility and lots of time to knit. I need some withdraw time, some space to pull back away from the work-stress and back into myself. I’ve got yarn in the stash (as my last post can attest! and that’s only a part of it), and have spent the last half hour browsing Ravelry. I have even made an accomplishment, which came out wonderfully.

And yet….

I miss knitting Cobblestone. (Points to Lani for guessing correctly from the teaser photo!) After months of knitting bigger and bigger challenges (from cables to lace to the MCW sock-in-progress) I finally discovered the joy of just plain knitting. That joy of simply of working with mid-sized needles and nice yarn and an easy but so very clever pattern. But it all went by so fast, so that at Lettuce Knit last night the grafting was grafted and the edge was bound off and the ends were woven in. It went from nothing to finished, and I barely had time to appreciate it all.

I will post photos soon (lets hope the weather stops being horrible) — Dru loves it so much he set it to block this afternoon while I was still at work! For now I just miss having that comforting knit to sit with and be simple with for a while. My plain-jane sock isn’t cutting it, and the sweater I want to start for myself is going to take brainpower. I’ll get over it, I’m sure; I’ll figure out something to do with myself for one evening, but I just don’t feel as relaxed as I was hoping.

So tell me, what’s your favourite simple knit? What project have you missed once it was done?



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4 responses to “Withdrawl

  1. You know another easy “little thought” knit? Try the Pinwheel baby blanket (look on Ravelry, I’m at work so I can’t go get a link right now). I’m working on one right now for my cousin’s baby and its very simple and easy (except the cast on can be a pain). I would totally recommend. Oh, and I would choose a thicker yarn as it would knit up MUCH quicker. :)

  2. Oh, I totally know what you mean about mindless and simple knitting. I really liked caloriometry (sp?) from knitty — real instant gratification!

  3. Lady O

    My favourite simple knit so far is the Dr Who scarf, can’t get much simpler than garter st on 5.5mm, the need to change colours kept it from getting dull. I’ve only just finished it so I’m not sure I’ve had time to miss it yet…

    Also super easy – facecloths, and a serious stash buster… (um, that is, if you have a stash of cotton kicking around, which somehow I did…)

  4. usually by the time I’m finished with a big project, I’m tired of it and thrilled to be done. One exception was Rambling Rose. I had finally gotten to the point where I knew the pattern by heart and could flow with it, and whenever I worked on it in public random strangers would stop in their tracks to tell me how beautiful it was. I mostly worked on it in Japan, so this involved a lot of comical head shaking and gesticulating.

    Now it’s done and I love to wear it, but only knitters would guess that I made it. The process of knitting it made me feel a lot more special than merely owning it does.

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