Flash your stash challenge

For the most recent SP11 contest in my group, we are too show photographic evidence of our yarn acquisitions.

Some of you out there have your stash in lovely, neat containers, or filed away in some organized system. I, however, am more of the Yarn Harlot camp, in which stash gets crammed just about everywhere to help aid in the illusion that I really don’t have that much yarn. The following photos may lead you to believe otherwise, but I stand by my affirmation that I could use more.

Flashing the Stash, part A: The Living Room
(I’ve added notes in Flickr to some of these photos.)

stash beside couch

This is the WIP pile that sits beside the couch. The giant stack of printed patterns lurks beneath the tea tray.

some of the stash
Most of the stash that lives in the living room is designated for projects in the queue, so that’s why it stays ‘on hand’. Also, I am ascribing to the “hidden in plain sight” attack.

stash on bookcase
On the bookcase, the “WIP basket” has quickly and quietly exploded to take over the surrounding shelves. A fair bit of my handspun gravitates here. This is also the area where knitting books, magazines, and printed stuff live.

stash in bag
This doctor’s bag of stash is a newcomer: I spilled a drink directly into the KnitPicks delivery box, and needed to come up with a new yarn receptacle, fast!

Stash behind the TV
More of the KnitPicks wouldn’t fit into the doctor’s bag, so I crammed it behind the tv. I’d be more ashamed of this is I wasn’t rapidly using it up.

Yes, that is the yarn stash in the living room.
No, that is not the full extent of the stash.
Yes, next time I will show either the “craft room” (ha!) stash (where fibre things are supposed to live), or perhaps the spinning fibre that’s in the living room.
No, I do not think I have a problem…

Now if you will excuse me, I need to neaten the living room slightly since Kelly is coming to visit (though she, if anyone, will understand the stash!), and then get back to decreasing the stash with my new favourite knit:

knit in progress



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5 responses to “Flash your stash challenge

  1. Your new favorite knit is Cobblestone right? (I thought I saw it on Ravelry). If so I love the choice of yarn for it and can’t wait to see the finished product!

    (Also, I’m quite envious of your living room stash and really really really like the doctors bag as a stash holder!)

  2. I really like the doctor bag/yarn holder! Its such a pretty way to store your yarn :)

  3. The doctor bag and the bag behind the TV are truly original places to stash your stash!

  4. Krista

    Hee Hee I just realized you were watching Babylon 5 when you took your pictures. I love the medical bag.

  5. Em

    Ha! I was wondering is anyone would pick up on that — maybe I should give you a prize? Hooray for B5 (a great show to knit to!)

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