Good Mail: good cuppa!

My Knit 1,Tea 2 swap package arrived Saturday!

In keeping with the “colour” theme for this swap, my package was definitely “green”: an All-Natural, Organic swap package!
K1T2 package
I love opening up Good Mail…

There are organic teas (mmm, rooibos), cookies (already munched), and organic dark chocolate (yay!), complete with the most awesome heart-shaped snappy one-cup tea strainer:
tea & treats

There is a copy of KNIT.1 magazine‘s “green issue” (which I have almost bought more than once: great call!) and some delicious-smelling handsoap:
mag and soap

There is a great set of felted coasters, so prettily tied:
felted coasters
These have won the Dru stamp of approval — he has complimented both colour choice and perfection of felting several times!!

And of course, there was yarn! B.C. indy dyer Indigo Moon*:
indigo moon yarn
Indigo Moon Vancouver series 100% superwash merino, “Emerald” colourway. I feel some leaf-lace socks coming on…


My own K1T2 package has gone out today, and I think my pal will enjoy is when it arrives (should be soon, too, yay for expedited shipping!). For the ‘knitted gift’ part of the swap, I made her an autumnal tea cosy on the fly — what do you think?
autumn tea cozy

Would anyone like me to post the pattern?

*Do you really know the dyer personally, Monica? If so, send her my compliments!!



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8 responses to “Good Mail: good cuppa!

  1. Nice mail. I love the green of the wool, I shall have to check out that seller. Oh and I love the tea cozy. I have been contemplating making one of those for a bit, now I am inspired.

  2. YAY! I’m so glad you like the package! I had *sooo* much fun putting it together for you. I dragged my boyfriend to so many different stores just to find the perfect organic goodies. Vancouver is awesome for organic/all-naturals. I really couldn’t decide between an organic black tea or an organic red… and I was so torn between bags and loose! I hope you enjoy a nice warm cuppa!

    I *wish* I knew Trish Moon personally! But it’s more like local-fame in that knitters in the area know the name “Indigo Moon”. It’s really popular among the sock knitters I know.

    I’m so glad even Dru likes the coasters… it was my first ever felting project and now I’m trying Fiber Trends Felt Clogs!

    Anyway – Enjoy! I am so glad you liked the package! I had oodles of fun and can’t wait to see what you make out of the Emerald sock yarn!!

  3. Awesome package. And yes, I most certainly would like you to post the pattern for the beautiful tea cozy. Pretty Please.

  4. Great package indeed. As one who actually uses a cozy in the colder months, I’d love the pattern. The only one I have for my big pot is cloth, and I have this cute little pot I purchased while shopping for my pal (ehmmm…) that wants a cozy too!

  5. Please do post the pattern to your tea cosy it’s beautiful!

  6. Lady O

    Yeah for good mail!

    The tea cozy is too cute. By all means hook us up with the pattern, I never say no to new patterns.. *hides file folder bursting with patterns*

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  8. I just love the tea cosy with the leaves – I would like to get this pattern

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