Portrait of a Happy Knitter

…Sitting alone in a new staff orientation, mediocre tea and mini-pastries on the table beside a folder of handouts. Unexpectedly from behind, my name is spoken, warm and friendly. “I hoped I’d find you here! Can I sit beside you?” A woman — a new friend? — joins me at the table. We are now among the few people in the room who know someone else there…

… Sitting in a crowded yarn store, everyone drawn into the cozy warmth by an unexpected rainfall. The air is full of the friendly conversation, the subtle clicking of many needles knitting counterpoint to the dwindling rain. Famous knitters sit to either side of me, chatting, knitting, drinking beer. I am still feeling slightly awkward, but no longer “the new one”: included, a part of this, one of them

…Sitting on my couch at home, opening a box on yarn ordered online. The cats investigating the box, sniffing and purring, plotting to steal a ball or nibble the protective plastic bags. Did I order the right thing? I wonder, but am secretly thrilled with the unexpected beauty of the yarn in front of me. “I love that colour! That’s going to make a great sweater, thank you,” says an appreciative husband when presented with a swatch. Though I think I might need different needles to get gauge, I agree, this will be a great sweater…



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6 responses to “Portrait of a Happy Knitter

  1. Yay for all! I love knitting while it’s raining as well! Makes me feel all warm and cozy! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. What a fantastic post. It makes me feel peaceful and good and knitterly just reading it.

  3. Every sweater is a great sweater :D

    I’m a comin’ next week! I’m bringing cupcakes and everything! (provided I work out transport issues…) I can’t pass up wee Clara’s birthday and it’s been too long since I was at LK.

  4. mmm…yarn mail!
    good to meet you last night.
    hope that you’re enjoying your bag. i sure am!

  5. Thanks for posting this . . . captures just how I feel on this overcast but still cozy day. Yay for knitting and knitters and packages containing yarn!

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