Good Mail from my new Secret Pal

What did I find on my doorstep today, but a package from my SP11 pal!

sp11 envelope
I love getting Good Mail, and I always have fun opening these packages. Wouldn’t you?

sp11 package

Look what I was lucky to receive tonight! Craft Magazine, a ‘zine that looks right up my alley with it’s jack-of-all-trades melange of arts, crafts, and cobbling; some chocolate (always appreciated! I think that the frequent inclusion of chocolate treats helps Dru stay cool with my blog-swap addiction!); a Numi tea sample pack in a pretty bamboo box; and a skein of lovely Misti Alpaca worsted-weight in a beautiful autumnal hand-dye!

misti alpaca worsted

Now, whatever shall I make from this? A new scarf for fall? Some fingerless mitts? What would you knit?



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6 responses to “Good Mail from my new Secret Pal

  1. Your Secret Pal

    I’d knit a hat but I’m a hat-addict :) I’m glad you liked the package!

  2. That’s not just Good Mail…. that’s Great Mail! Now I’ve got some standards to live up to, don’t I?

  3. georgeous yarn! I just love the fingerless mitts idea…in fact, looking at that yarn makes me want to make some for myself! lol.

  4. Oh wow,what a great package,I wanted to do the SP11 this time but didnt find the link until it had closed,bummer! Anyhow thanks for visiting!! Im trying to be a bit better bogger,I love visiting others to see what everyone else is up to!!!
    I have joined the ISE5 which should be fun,Loove getting mail!!!!
    That video of the supported spindle looks interesting,let me know how you go if you do try it!!! ;-)

  5. PS very jealous of your Black Purl as its the main LL that I would love to knit!!!

  6. PS @ I found that for my size US 9 foot I knit 35 rows from where you start the foot and its a firm fit
    Love Wendys patterns for toe ups!

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