FOs: Speaking of socks…

FO: “Sea Socks” — Purple Pomatomi

pomotomus sock detail

pair of purple pomatomus socks

Pattern: Pomatomus (from Knitty)
Yarn: Fleece Artist SeaWool
Needles: 2.25mm DIY birch dpns
Project Timeline: July – August 27, 2007
Modifications: none

FO: “Sea Monkeys” — more manly Monkey socks

manly monkey socks

Pattern: Monkey (from Knitty)
Yarn: Fleece Artist SeaWool
Needles: 2.25mm DIY birch dpns
Project Timeline: July-August 29, 2007
Modifications: To make these monkeys ideal for the Dru, I knit a wide twisted-stitch rib cuff, 8 pattern reps. for the leg (+ 6 for the foot),with a reinforced slipped-stitch heel flap.

It should be noted that (for my gauge,at least), one can make a pretty large pair of socks out of one skein of Sea Wool. I had originally begun a different sock with this yarn (unimpressive, therefore frogged in favour of Monkey), and but the end of the 2nd monkey sock, I have only about 1″ of a ribbed cuff remaining unfrogged (maybe .5g?)! Very good value, those Fleece Artist skeins :)



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6 responses to “FOs: Speaking of socks…

  1. Those are a great couple of pairs of socks. I’m not usually a fan of purple but I love the shade you used.

  2. Lady O

    Lovely! I hadn’t realized how hard it is to find masc. looking sock patterns.

    Those are two mighty fine colourways.

  3. Your Secret Pal

    I am loving those purple socks!

  4. those Poms are fantastic, very very nice, I recently finished a pair in trekking bamboo, and will knit more, but maybe without the holes so? or maybe mermaid, the fingerless mitt version. Don’t you know love how she resolved the heel flap into the lace.

  5. Nice Pomatomi! This makes me want to make those socks again, damn it all. And here I thought I’d never need to go back… ;)

  6. *drops dead*

    Those are SO impressive! I am in total awe! Socks overwhelm me!! Keep knitting — can’t wait to see more!

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