Fare thee well, Elizabeth

O fair Elizabeth! How I have proseper’d, knowing thy joys for lo these many months! But, alas, our parting has come, and my heart doth sorrow…

Elizabeth wheel
Even Arddu will miss her!

On Sunday evening I returned the Ashford Elizabeth spinning wheel to her rightful home, care of a mutual friend with a pickup. Like most of my spinning-love, I can’t properly express the depths of my gratitude for being loaned her, or how much I have enjoyed leaning how to spin on a wheel, or how much a part of my life it has become. I’ve been a bit mopey ever since she’s been gone.

Also, I really need to make myself some new spindles, because I’ve given all my good ones away! (Hey Jodi, how’s that little jade one doing for you?)

Without spinning, I’ve had to find other ways of occupying my time. Like, say, organizing all the knitting patterns I’ve ever printed out of photocopied. Y’know, something “simple” and “mindless” (more like, something one has to be simple-minded to begin!)

Anyway, most of the way through Shaun of the Dead, I’ve managed to surround myself with this:

patterns in piles

There’s a pile for hats/gloves/scarves, for sweaters (pullover, cardigan, jacket and short-sleeve), for skirts, for toys, for lace, and of course, for socks….

pattern stacks for comparison

That pile on the left? That’s the pile with the hats and sweaters and bags and all. That one on the right? Socks. Just SOCKS. I think I may need some help…


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One response to “Fare thee well, Elizabeth

  1. Wow… I love how organized you are! I sort of did that – I just have a book with all the patterns in sleeves like that. You tempt me! Now I want to categorize them all.

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