Send us your baked goods…

Wow! It’s amazing the offers one gets just by flashing some fibre photos! (Maybe it’s virtual wool-fumes?)

While I’d be happy to receive your various baked goodies, I’m not sure my conscience will allow me to take you up on the baking-for-spinning-lessons offers. Now, if we happened to be in the same room with a spindle/wheel and fibre and baked goods all the same time, well then…

But seriously, I’m not sure that I’m the one you want for “spinning lessons”. Remember folks, I’ve only been doing this for a few months now, and am doing this entirely by trial and error and force of will. I do this because it seems I’m meant to, because I have to, because I love it in a way that I can’t rightly describe or entirely comprehend.

I can — am actively trying to — do my best to get my friends (and some strangers!) to join me in this, to introduce others to it’s joys and charms, to share this love of spinning. I’ve had some moderate success in this — Kelly is totally hooked, finding fibre left and right, and is even now building her own wheel (!); Krista’s now begun her own knit/spin blog and has bought a new wheel the day after returning the 2-week rental; Mel (who has been knitting since forever and drop-spindle spinning for a quite some time) stayed with us a few nights back, and got to play at the wheel a bit — she’s a natural, no problems at all with treadling & drafting, and I’m sure her own wheel will find it’s way to her soon enough now.

Mel's wheel-spun single
Look at how even her singles are already!

Mel Spinning
Mel, spinning like a pro.

Y’know , though, as I read what I’ve just written above, maybe there’s a point buried up there. Maybe you don’t care that I’m not a master spinner. Maybe what matters is that I’ve got the spark, something that drives me to read what I can on the subject so I can ‘talk the talk”, and that drives me to spin almost daily in hopes that someday I will feel confident in saying “I know what I’m doing here”. Maybe you’d like to walk along with me on this path for a while.

So sure, send in your baked goods! I’ll make tea while you play with my best DYI spindle, or sit down at the wheel. We’ll compare our experiences: cuss out the frustrations, suss out our problems, admire our successes. Yarns will be spun: tales and fibre both. I can think of no finer way to pass an afternoon than with friends, spinning, and of course a baked treat or two!



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3 responses to “Send us your baked goods…

  1. Sometimes the “non-expert” makes a better teacher. They remember vividly what problems they had and that it does not always happen easily.

  2. Baked goods shall be yours! I will have to schedule a time to come in this fall and learn all about this mystical thing called spinning. I know it is only a matter of time before I get bit by that bug.

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