To Spin (v)

spinning fibre wave

spinning fibre coil
Merino roving, “Rose Quartz” colourway (a hackle-blend, so interesting!) from The Drafting Zone, via my FibreSwap Pal.

Rose Quartz - bobbin
Rose Quartz, spun slightly heavy (but not bulky).

oatmeal BFL close-up

oatmeal BFL skein

“Oatmeal” BFL: the first skein, 2-ply.

FA merino - blues - closeup

FA merino - blues - skein
Fleece Artist Merino in shades of blue: one big skein, 2-ply.



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5 responses to “To Spin (v)

  1. knittingnoob

    rose quartz is just gorgeous!

    Can I trade cupcakes for spinning lessons? ;)

  3. OOH!!! I love them all! (Especially the Oatmeal!) What kind of wheel do you have?

    And if you do lessons for cupcakes (for Glenna) I’ll make cookies! :)

  4. Lady O

    That is beautiful!! I esp. love the purple!!

    Today I made my first attempt at spinning – on a drop spindle, I’m not sure you can call the result yarn… in fact I’m pretty sure you can’t… but it definately isn’t roving anymore…

    I salute you, that is some kick-ass yarn!

  5. Gorgeous! I spun fiber from the Drafting Zone last year- and loved it!

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