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Yukon Expedition

This past weekend saw a farewell dinner for my brother and his girlfriend, who are embarking on a grand adventure. After disappointments with the job climate here in Southwestern Ontario, they began looking farther afield — a lot farther! — and found a warmer reception in cooler climes. They’re now moving to Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territories (!) and a four-day, cross-country bus trip will soon see them in their new home (the cat, of course, gets to fly out after them, much more civilized!). I’m proud of them for having the guts to take such a big leap of faith, and to show each other such a great amount of trust as they start this new phase of life together.

I wish them all the best, though of course there’s a little part of my brain that hopes my ‘little’ brother comes home again, someday sooner rather than later. Then again, if the frontier spirit takes them, then at least I’ll have me a direct line on qiviut. :)

Another bright side to this Northern expedition is that I can knit all the warm-and-woolies I like, and know that when a care package gets shipped out, I’ll be helping keep my family toasty warm. This weekend I started, and finished, a pair or thick socks*, slightly big for me but just about perfect for my brother’s girlfriend. She seemed so happy when I handed them to her, fresh off the needles in all their lavender wool & silk glory. I’m usually a very selfish knitter (in that I mostly knit just for me), but it felt really good to see how happy it made someone else to get a hand-knit gift. I’m already planning projects, like socks and thrummed mitts, for the near future.

*must get a picture! If I do, I’ll post a pseudo-pattern too.


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