Good Mail, at long last

Look what arrived today! Whatever could be inside?

FS pkg

A card, from my FiberSwap pal*!

FS card

As you can see, this package has had quite the journey, from Las Vegas to Toronto! (Wouldn’t you like to travel between two such cool cities?)

Inside, I am greeted by this friendly face (maybe looking a bit sheepish?)

a Sheepie!

And the great treasures within!

FS spinning fibers

The fibers I have so generously been gifted with are (clockwise from right):

– Emerald Green and stripes of other bright colours Colonial Top (I think this will spin into one of those cool tweedy yarns that reads as a single colour, right?), 1/2? lb
– “Peach” tawny Llama roving, 2.6oz
– “Rose Quartz” reds/purples Merino roving, from The Drafting Zone, 1/2? lb
– ORANGE!!! Blue-Faced Leicester, 1/2? lb, complete with Orange! beads, Orange! thread, and instructions on spinning beaded yarn (how cool is that?)

I am so excited and happy to have received this. You see, the package has been highly anticipated, as the swap finished up rather a while ago… apparently the box got quite the tour of Las Vegas, because for a few weeks it was hidden in the back of the car! (Silly menfolk.) But, it was not Lost In Transit, thank goodness, so once it had made its farewells to its hometown it was safe on its way to me.

And it arrived on a day that I really needed something to look forward to: there’s an ill wind blowing around many friends and acquaintances this week, and while I haven’t got appendicitis or had my house burnt down (both true for others!), there’s been some vehicular crappiness that most likely means my much-anticipated 4-day weekend vacation will be canceled :(

Oh well, I have had cupcakes and cheesecake at LK tonight, enabled both yarn-buying and spinning-wheel rental (living vicariously?), and now have a tonne of nice fibres just waiting to be spun, even if the weekend is spent quietly and at home. Any of you have some good mojo to send towards my friends and I, though, it would be greatly appreciated!

*Do you blog? If so, send me the link!



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5 responses to “Good Mail, at long last

  1. Oh pretty. I really need to get in on one of these swaps. I want to get pretty knitting stuff in the mail :) Oh I took out the spinning wheel and it looks pretty exciting. I haven’t spun on it yet, but it looks really easy to figure out so yay. Maybe I’ll give it a “whorl” during Cory street. Oh and the link to my blog is

  2. Your yarn-buying enabling was very supportive and reassuring. I have less guilt now! I also have yarn to pet, which is of course the most important thing…

  3. Lady O

    OOhhh so pretty. Really, I must get into spinning instead of just oggling.

    *sends mojo*

  4. Nic

    UG I can’t believe I didnt leave you my blog! I am such a sketch. I am glad you liked everything. It is always surreal for me to see something that was in my hand now on the internet and miles and miles away. Though I am sure the sheep is quite happy to be away since my dog really had her eyes in the little guy.

  5. What a treat! How lucky you are!

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