My neighbourhood, a fibre artist’s Mecca

There are some things that you pass by, day by day, and never really take note of until one day they just jump out at you. Yesterday, for me, it was G & S Dye and Accessories. An entire store, just for dyes — not paints (though there are plenty of art-supply stores right nearby, too) — and fabric/fiber dyeing tools!

I kid you not. I mean, I thought I was lucky enough, living within 20 min. of Lettuce Knit, Romni Wools, Arton beads, and the rest of the crafty Queen West offerings, but I never even guessed that there would be a dye store within a 5 min. walk! I was heading to the pub after work, saw some pretty batik in a window, and then it hit me like a tonne of bricks: a dye store. I did a quick circuit of the inside to goggle at all the dyepots and bolts of silk and other esoteric dyers’ things, and then went on my way, but now that I know it’s there, I know I’ll be back. What shall I try first? Roving? Yarn? A silk scarf?

With discoveries like this, I have got to get out more.



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2 responses to “My neighbourhood, a fibre artist’s Mecca

  1. Lady O

    ooohhh – I have a friend coming to visit and we are going to hit the yarn shops, what else should we make sure and see (I didn’t even know about the bead shops until recently).

    I love that this revelation came while on the way to the pub.

  2. I am sooo totally jealous of you ! I live in smalltown Ontario (although many of the residents don’t seem to realize this) and whenever I want something a little different, I have to order it online, sight unseen. Jealous. Completely and utterly jealous.

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