Why is there no knitting to show*? Because, like millions of others, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or at least I would be if I wasn’t at work. (The Dru is probably reading it right now; just as in Ladyhawke, there will most likely be only brief moments at dawn and dusk when we both see each other, before one or the other is swept away.) I don’t expect this pause to last for long, but between the book and our being away over the weekend, I don’t expect to have any exciting news on the knitting/spinning front for a few days. Or time to blog, save at work, when I’d rather be reading, or knitting, or spinning…

*Other than the fact that half a Pomatomus or yet more shawl edging is about as boring as things with Seacell in ’em can get?



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3 responses to “*paused*

  1. I will be glad when everyone is done with the Harry potter stuff. I don’t quite get it.But everything in blogland seems to be on hold until Harry has been Read. So, read quick! Please….

  2. Have a great time with HP!!

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