Good Mail, Good Evening

My final Secret Pal 10 package arrived today, and with it, the revelation of my pal’s secret identity! I have been lavishly and intuitively, surprisingly and generously, by none other than Melly!

How lucky have I been? First, there was lovely roving for spinning, just as I was beginning my hand-spinning journey (for the curious, it eventually became my Kool-aid dyed Monkey socks!). Then I was spoiled with a great letter-writing package — including custom yarn stamps! — the fruits of which are also being enjoyed by some of my correspondents and friends even now. I even was sent a great little pick-me-up card in the midst of it all! And now….

SP 10 treat package

A card (secret identity revealed inside), a postcard of a beautiful Kentucky lakeside, feet-pampering (natural and vegan!) scrubs, soaks, and lotions,and (most indulgent of all) Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock yarn in the Black Purl colourway! How does she do it, folks? How did she know that that was the very colourway I was petting at LK a few weeks back, mourning that I’d never get to use?

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock: black purl
Let’s have a close-up of that beautiful yarn! Whatever shall it become?

Thank you so much, Melissa. You’ve been a truly great Secret Pal!

I had been all geared up to write a whinging post about how, despite really wanting to get out to Lettuce Knit tonight, I am feeling terribly tired tonight and so was going to be moping at home. Though I’m still sad that I’ll have to wait a bit to see Amy’s new Vespa, and will miss out on tasting Glenna’s yummy-looking cupcakes, I think that a good, long, pampering footsoak and some quiet pattern-browsing for the perfect thing for the Black Purl skeins sounds like a pretty great evening, don’t you?



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2 responses to “Good Mail, Good Evening

  1. Don’t worry, I’ll make more cupcakes. And that yarn is lovely, I have some Black Purl still that I haven’t used!

  2. Whew, it’s such a relief to not be a secret anymore! I’m glad that you liked the packages. I’m in awe of the monkey socks–they look FABULOUS! (And that they’re from the roving I sent, too! Don’t I feel SPECIAL!)

    As for my methods of finding out what to send, well, all I shall say is that a master NEVER shares her secrets. In other words, a true master who has a spoilee with identical tastes as she does lives a life on easy street. :)

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