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Pomatomess? Sea Socks?

I know you’ve all been terribly worries these last few days about that Sea Wool so let me start by assuring you that it all turned out alright in the end:
Sea Wool ball

It took a while, and by the time I’d would in into a big ol’ ball o’ yarn once I really didn’t have the heart to wind it again into two center-pulls on my “nostepinne” (read: bit of dowel), so I abandoned the idea of knitting a Magic-Looped pair of Baudelaires and just jumped into a Pomatomus instead.
Pomatomus socks in progress

I’m kinda glad I did, though. I really like the way that the yarn shimmers, just like fish-scales should.

I’m wondering something: maybe getting ahead of myself, but has anyone out there knit a pair of Pomatomi that have reversed the scale-direction for the second sock? Can you even do that? (And if so, how did you do it?)

I’ve also (finally!) had a bit of time to sit at the wheel, and have been working on a lovely little bit (only 50g) of Fleece Artist merino roving I purchased on the TTC KAL. I think I’m just going to make it up into a simple 2-ply, and let it’s beautiful purples and greys and burgundy-browns blend together as they will. Excuse the poor photo, but this one does give a good idea of the colours:
variegated merino on bobbins

And that’s about it! Had a great visit this Friday and Saturday nights with Jodi and Peter, but for the sake of domestic peace we kept the knit-talk to low levels :) Otherwise my world is mostly full of new-jobness and summertime bustle. Is it just me, or do summers always afford less time for fibrecrafts?



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