Belatedly Blocked and Blogged

Remember that Shetland Diamond shawl?

I finally blocked it. (Last week, sorry!) And what a difference!

SD shawl - centre
Centre square

SD shawl - edging

SD shawl - corner

SD shawl - blocked
The shawl, fully blocked, hung up on my bookcase for scale. I love how airy and see-through it is!



Filed under FOs, knitting, lace

10 responses to “Belatedly Blocked and Blogged

  1. Anni

    Oh – that looks absolutely fantastic. You did a great job. Congratulation!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous…

  3. itsirk enaad

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous some more. Doesn’t blocking lace make you feel like a god? :) Absolute magic, every time.

  5. Wow! Gorgeous. Truly gorgeous.

  6. Ria

    That looks beautiful! Very nice work!

  7. just pure loveliness!

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