Totally Drinking the Kool-Aid

It started innocently enough, explaining the process to a friend. But that brought up the memories, the fun I’d had zapping yarn in the microwave, the slightly fruity wet-sheep smell, those candy colours….

Then I was off, rummaging through drawers for those tiny packets of concentrated, mordant-inclusive, food-grade dye. My most recent hand-spun was soaking in the sink — various reds were mixed: cherry, strawberry, red grape — plastic wrap on the counter — yarn in the microwave!

The result, while somewhat electric, is not as crazy as it could have been if the Ice Blue Raspberry had been involved:
kool-aid dyed yarn: reds

The true indoctrination into the cult came after.
red handspun

That’s right, my friends: Monkey Socks, mini-sized with picot hem. Blame Margene and Cara, and the scent of Kool-Aid fresh out of the microwave….



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3 responses to “Totally Drinking the Kool-Aid

  1. the colour looks great. one day i will dye yarn with kool-aid.

  2. Helen

    Hey Em!
    Just catching up on your blog, and my, what a busy girl you have been! All that “out-and-abouting”. Love that fleece and congrats on the new wheel. I too have heard the siren call of the Kool-Aid package but have resisted thus far. I think that dyeing in general is a can of worms I just can’t open at the moment. I recently acquired a new old wheel at a garage sale! The seller knew me and had me test drive it for her around Christmastime – the poor baby was in pieces and I used jute twine for a drive band and lots of TAPE! The day after the Harlot’s event (where you and I met) was the above mentioned garage sale and lo and behold, the wheel was offered up! How could I refuse? My own profits did suffer somewhat…..

  3. Hi – I just wanted to say, I see that you have
    Eshme’s (Esme’s) fleece. Wanted to let you know that Esme was originally born here on our farm and I sold her to Cate last year. Have fun with the fleece – and if you have any questions on prepping or working with Shetland fleece let me know. I still raise the shetlands – have about 30 of them in a great
    variety of colours – great sheep.
    Have fun.

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