Daily Archives: June 18, 2007

Totally Drinking the Kool-Aid

It started innocently enough, explaining the process to a friend. But that brought up the memories, the fun I’d had zapping yarn in the microwave, the slightly fruity wet-sheep smell, those candy colours….

Then I was off, rummaging through drawers for those tiny packets of concentrated, mordant-inclusive, food-grade dye. My most recent hand-spun was soaking in the sink — various reds were mixed: cherry, strawberry, red grape — plastic wrap on the counter — yarn in the microwave!

The result, while somewhat electric, is not as crazy as it could have been if the Ice Blue Raspberry had been involved:
kool-aid dyed yarn: reds

The true indoctrination into the cult came after.
red handspun

That’s right, my friends: Monkey Socks, mini-sized with picot hem. Blame Margene and Cara, and the scent of Kool-Aid fresh out of the microwave….



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