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Saturday was the Great TTC Knit-A-Long, in honour of international Knit In Public Day. What A blast!

I was on the “Central Committee”, so my team met up at silly o’clock at Alterknit, a fabulous knit-cafe. It’s really chic and spacious, and where else an you get yarn and waffles?
Alterknit cafe
The Central Committee assembles in Alterknit.

Mmmm, waffles…

I fully admit I chose this team because the meet-up was at a place that would be serving breakfast, but I’m glad for that: it gave us all some time to sit and chat. (And eat waffles. And buy yarn.)
Alterknit at breakfast
I shared my breakfast table with many knitbloggers: Marla, Melinda, and Andrea*

Once all were present, fed, and accounted for, we were off to Knit-O-Matic! In fact, we might have been just a little too enthusiastic, and we arrived early! Never to fear, though, for at least when knitters need to wait a while, we always have something to do.

Knit-O-Matic was a great store, once they let us in! Smaller in size, but big on yarn, and they even has some Fleece Artist Sea Wool roving!
Yarnivores in their natural habitat.

After that is was onwards to my favorite Lettuce Knit. Once the yarn-store mobbing was over, everyone scattered about Kensington Market for lunches, only to return for some relaxed knitting on the sunny patio.
Lettuce Knit
Sittin’ and Knittin’.

amy & me
Amy and I got closer…

amy & me - tickles
…maybe a little too close! (Frisky thing, she’s totally tickling me!)

Finally the knitters were getting restless, so it was a brief jaunt to Americo, some caffeination/hydration at a coffeeshop, and then back on the TTC to head towards the last stop, The Naked Sheep. (By this time I was pretty out of it, having sat in the sun and knitted for too long without sunscreen.)
Emily (not me!) spinning
Emily (not me, and sadly blogless) took out her spindle on the streetcar! (And I believe that’s half of Michelle of to the right.)

On the whole, I was overwhelmed, overheated, and exhausted (and then had a surprise birthday party to go to that evening!). I only bought food, and two braids of roving (not a skien of yarn!). I met tonnes more knitters, finished the “Socks from Fluff”, and got most of the way through a shrug. It was a great day!

As ever, if you’re in a photo and I haven’t got your name/blog, drop me a line! And likewise, if you do not want your photo online, just let me know.



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