Yarn from sheep!

Because I said I would in my last post, here’s the skein:
skein of homespun yarn

This is the first full skein I’ve spun up, full processed by hand by me from slightly-smelly sheep bits to real live yarn. This 45g. skein comes in at 11-12 WIP of chained 3-ply.

Now, you must excuse me: I have to go lie down on a fainting couch for a while, or go run around the block seven times, or quietly implode. I’ll tell you why later next week.



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5 responses to “Yarn from sheep!

  1. Kelly

    Hooray for yarn from sheep! (You know you want to dye it… c’mon, all your friends are doing it… you’ll be cool…)

    I tried the chained 3-ply, as taught me by you, on the walnut-dyed wool. Obviously it worked, since the yarn is yarn, and it looks really good, but I think using the drop spindle it would have gone a lot faster/smoother if I had an extra limb – I’m not sure on which side, maybe springing from my chest? Maybe I just need more practice!

  2. Em

    I can’t dye this one — that’d take all the lanolin out! Of course, there’s still the greater majority of a sheep just waiting to be washed and spun…

  3. Fiber SP

    That is depressingly (for me) good. If I did that I would be taking it with me everywhere like a wubby.

  4. Brava!! Good for you! Alas, I can but only look and admire from afar and to never touch because wool and lanolin definitely a huge no no but you should be so proud of yourself!!!

  5. HOORAY! Well done! I am so impressed.

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