This? A knitblog?

What with all the self-examination and socialization and fleece-prep and spinning lately, my blog’s title is beginning to run the risk of losing it’s irony. So, just to prove that I do, in fact, still knit, here are some WIPS:

1)The Socks from Fluff(my first pair of handknit socks form handspun wool) are progressing nicely, with one down and another well begun. The first skein ran out, but the second has been spun, plied, and washed. All I need to do now is wind the yarn into a ball, and finish sock #2, and I will have the happiest husband EVER. Yep, this is the stuff of his dreams. Yep, more than anything else I could do (*ahem*) the man yearns for socks. That and for me to learn to make his mom’s apple pie (seriously, she’s some sort of pastry goddess!), but my stubbornness prevails (at least until the day when my desire to have that amazing pie-crust at my whim overcomes my desire to not get involved in the in-laws Traditional Family Christmas Pie-a-thon).

Socks from Fluff - 1 complete
One down…
Socks from Fluff WIP
…one to go!

2) Bayerische sock #1 has miraculously (and somewhat literally) turned a corner: the leg is done (!), the heel has been turned (!!), and the gusset-picking-uping is in progress. Otherwise,this is still a very long-term WIP. Maybe I should join the Slogalong?

Bayerische WIP

3) The unfortunately-named “Magical Earth” shawl (from A Gathering of Lace) is another slogalong candidate. It’s a Shetland-style square shawl, but knit edging-first with the stitches picked up. That’s how it’s written, anyway. Even though I’ve completed 3 pattern reps already, with 44 more to go (!) I’m still tempted to just cast-on the # of sts. instructed to pick up, so as to avoid picking up that many sts. later! I persevere, however, telling myself that after the million or so stitches are picked up it will be smooth sailing as each row decreases towards the shawl’s center. We’ll see. Will I have the thing finished in time for the recipient’s wedding, well, that’s another question altogether… For now, it’s a chance for me to knit lace with Sea Silk that I didn’t have to buy.
Shawl WIP



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2 responses to “This? A knitblog?

  1. Secret Pal

    The shawl looks beautiful so far!

    Speaking of handspun goodness, how are things going with the wheel that moved to your house? :)


  2. I have been wanting to knit the Bayerische socks for so long! Maybe soon, maybe soon…Yours look great so far!

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