Good Mail Thursday

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday… a new package from my Secret Pal!

Once again, my SP has fooled me, this time with a clever ruse. I was sent an email with a photo of yarn on it, so (of course) I start thinking I’ll be getting some sort of indie-died sock yarn. But no! Much to my surprise, the red folder contains beautiful stationary, some try-’em-out fountain pens, and custom-printed yarn-photo stamps!

SP10 - writing supplies
There was chocolate too, but that was swiftly devoured.

Don’t I have a sneaky, yet very perceptive, Secret Pal? And cheeky too; this was the sign-off in the enclosed note:

Until later, I remain,



So what was I to do, but try these lovely supplies out? I really enjoy the fountain pens, for all that my hand is in need of much inprovement. Letters were written, both to dear friends and new correspondants, and wil be out to the postbox with shiney yarn stamps later this afternoon. If the Yarn Harlot can declare “Tuesdays are for Spinning”, then I say “Thursdays are for Letter-Writing”!

And because this blog has been pretty devoid of knitting and spinning lately, I will attempt to appease the masses with a cute cate photo:
sp10 pkg & kitty
That’ll teach my to try photostyling on the floor!



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3 responses to “Good Mail Thursday

  1. Secret Pal

    ooohh, I’ve never been called CHEEKY before. It’s kind of fun! :)

    Glad that your package got there safely and that you like it.


  2. itsirk.enaad

    Just a hello from your secret gnome pal – have sent a couple of emails to your g-mail account and just want to make sure you are getting them and to let you know I am out here…lurking ;)

  3. Hi almost-blog-neighbor (I’m two blogs down on the Knitting Blogs Webring). Just stopping by to say hello. You have a nice blog and a cute kitty…and you get some great presents! Most of my knitting pictures have a cat involved in them somewhere too. :-)

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