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Tagged by Sharon, I get this:
Here is how it works (AGAIN): Each player starts with seven random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog with their seven things as well as these rules. You need to tag seven others (which I ain’t doing) and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.
I’m not going to tag anyone, but rather leave an open invitation to anyone who wants to play along too (just leave me a comment is you’ve taken up the tag!).

1. I am a compulsive reader. Not only in the “must always have a book to read before bed” sense, or the “shops for handbags based on the size of a paperback” sense, but in a “reads the toothpaste box when in the washroom” sense.

2. I have only been spinning for about two months, but I cannot imagine a life without it. No passtime (except reading) has ever gripped me like this, ever (no, not even knitting).

3. I follow some superstitions devotedly, like throwing spilled salt over my left shoulder, or picking up pennies. However, I own a black cat, and he crosses my path daily without ill consequence (unless he’s tripping me, of course!).

4. I believe it was the influence of my grandma’s elaborate entertaining that causes me to go a little mad at holidays myself. Which has led to things like the “will-three-kinds-of-homemade-bread-be-enough” Autumn Equinox potluck and “The Great Cookie Baking of ’07”, which included “Icing Night”.

5. My mother passed away quite unexpectedly and quite young, and despite my knowing that it is completly irrational, I really don’t think that I’ll make it past 35 either. If I do, then I expect my 36th birthday to be very hard.

6. If there were some way to have a farmhouse surrounded by about 3 blocks of forest, and then be at an urban center, I think it would be a great place to live. I know that this is highly unlikely, and wonder if my town/country divide will ever find a way to merge, or have one love outweight the other.

7. If I could afford to drink chai tea lattes three times a day, I probably would.


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  1. Hi So Glad you liked the box of goodies,the Temptins were a take of off the Arnotts TinTams by Our very own Dick Smith of the round the World in a helicopter Fame a few years a go.The roving is merino from a mill in the eastern part of Aussie,spins well and dyes also! Yarn is our only real Ausiie Knitting Mag at moment and we all beat it to the store when it comes in!
    Sorry i didnt do the description bit as well in the card but the poor box was literally thrown in the post as I was late getting ready(as per usual)
    have fun with the wool(soxs,a scarf or mittens?)I very nearly bought some for me as well!

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