KTE: Ozzie Rules!

It arrived — my Knitter’s Treat Exchange parcel! And all the way from Australia….

There was a lovely card with a “Spiny Devil” lizard on the front, full of kind words and some neat facts about my KTE pal, Cathie!.
kte- parcel

What’s in the box? Let’s open it together!
kte- wrapped up

A pretty mug bodes well…
kte - mug

…for tea and biscuits!
kte - tea & biscuits

Now, these “Temptin’s” look remakably similar to the Tim Tams my SIL brought back from her travels to New Zealand a few years back, so of course we had to investigate:
kte - nibbled cookies

Next up is some lovely Australian Lanolin-based soap and hand lotion. I can’t wait to try this out, having heard that lanolin is so much better than the synthetics in so many products these days.
kte- soap & lotion

Of course, some yarn. Beautiful lavender 70% merino, 30% silk: whatever shall I do with it? Any suggestions?
kte - yarn

And some pencil Roving! Is it merino as well, I wonder; it has a “fuzziness” to it that intrigues me…
kte - roving & cat
Maximus was little help identifying the fibre, but he was certainy interested in it! And yes, he’s in the shipping box.

And last but never least, the magazine: “YARN”*, an Australian knitting magazine (and a feature on drop-spindles, nonetheless)!
kte - YARN magazine
It’s quite a good publication, very pretty glossy pages and an interesting range of article topics. I wish I could get a subscription!

Do you think that Cathie has secret time-travelling powers?
kte - YARN date
I know, I know, it’s probably to do with the whole “Southern Hemisphere” thing!! But still, I was confused and amused.

Thanks so much Cathie — You RULE!!

*ED: there’s been some interest expressed in this magazine (bonus points to Loopykd for the Wayne’s World reference!); here is YARN’s main website.



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2 responses to “KTE: Ozzie Rules!

  1. Oooo, a knitting magazine I’ve never seen! That’s fun & I want to learn to use my spindle! The ones on the cover are beauties, you’ve got a very generous treater!

  2. I will be doing homework now to find that magazine. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

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