Swap Addict

I can’t get enough of these things! They’re great! As a “good mail” enthusiast, as well as a now-fully-hooked spinner, I’ve signed up for the Fiber Swap. You might also have noticed the “Knitting Gnome Swap” button on the sidebar — I can’t wait for the Travelling Gnome and I to tour Toronto!

In the meantime, here’s the Fibre Swap Questionnaire (originally posted to the Fibre Swap blog):

* What do you use your fiber for? Felting, needle felting, knitting
or crocheting, weaving?

I’m a knitter! I’d like to learn crochet, and needle felting, but I haven’t got there yet.

* What kind of spinning do you do or what do you spin for?
I’m pretty new to spinning, and began with some homemade drop spindles. I’m very happy with spindle-spinning, and plan to play around with the various kinds and weights for a long time to come.
By the grace of Fortune, however, I’ve been loaned a spinning wheel for a few months, and a trying to get as much experience with it as possible!
Again, all my spinning turns into yarn I plan to knit up (someday), but right now I’m really just loving that I can make any yarn at all! I have hopes that in the future I will be able to spin fine enough for some couched-thread embroidery and lace knitting.

* If you knit, weave, spin, crochet, needle felt, or do other fibery
pursuits, how long have you been doing those things? What level of
expertise are you at?

I’ve been knitting for about five years and feel pretty accomplished with it; I love complex work like lace and cables, but there are also some techniques that I haven’t even tried yet!
I’ve only been spinning for a few months, but I’m %100 addicted, and try to spin a bit every single day.

* What fibers have you worked with?
So far I have only spun wool, but have played with Coopworth, BFL, Merino, and a lovely long-stapled “mystery breed” (unmarked bag).

* Which fibers, fiber blends, and types of fibers do you prefer?
No real preferences yet, as I’ve just scratched the surface, but I love feeling fibres for softness and sheen.

* Are you interested in working with raw fleece? If so, what type?
Sure! Any type!

* What fibery tools do you currently have (e.g., spinning wheels,
drop spindles, combs, cards, etc.)?

Various handmade drop-spindles (furniture wheels, art-clay whorls, soapstone bead), an Ashford Elizabeth wheel (on loan), and I have once used the cat brush as a flick carder…

* Do you crave any tools, books, or videos?
It would be nice to someday have a spindle that looked pretty, and I’d love to get some combs and carders eventually. There aren’t any book titles I desperately want, but as a bibliophile I do love having a well-stocked home library. ED: Darnit all, this would have been a good place to whinge about not having a nostepinne, ballwinder, or swift either!

* What fibers are you absolutely dying to get your hands on?
New things! More special wool breeds, silks, maybe even flax…

* Which fibers do you absolutely not want to work with?
Smelly ones? Really, I’m open to trying anything, so long as it’s quality.

* Do you prefer natural color fibers or pre-dyed fibers?
No preference, but I do enjoy the natural colours of fleeces equally to dyed ones.

* What are your dye and color preferences?
I love seeing the range of colours that can be achieved from all-natural dyes. That said, there are some truly beautiful non-natural dyes, too! I love autumnal colours (reds/coppers/browns/greens) and jewel tones (burgundy/emerald/sapphire/etc), but find myself also oddly drawn to soft, spring-flowery colours sometimes as well.

* Do you have any relevant allergies?
Pollens/smoke and I don’t get along well.



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2 responses to “Swap Addict

  1. Welcome to the Swapaholics Club!!! I think I have you beat though. Although, I am not in this one. There is another one starting signups on Sunday. If you want information email me ;-)

  2. knitters treater

    Have you recieved your parcel yet? It should be there this week,though I expected it to arrive late last week!
    I really enjoyed this swap too and would love to join the Fibre swap but have too many things going so Ill sit back and enjoy everyone eles fun!!!

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