Can’t stop spinning!

Spinning has taken over my living room and my life! I really didn’t think I could become so obsessed with something like this; I mean, even with knitting I have some down-time! But here I am, every night at the wheel, and when I recognize that I’m getting too tired to coodinate drafting and treadling, I find myself drawn to the drop-spindle basket…

Here’s a cop from my top-whorl spindle:
drop-spindle cop -- white wool

I know the photo isn’t great, but that’s a pretty lage cop, and the wool is from the white wool roving (breed unknown) sent to me from my Secret Pal. I think I’ll spin an equal to it and do a 2-ply, but I’m not sure yet. It’s very smooth and almost slippery when it’s spinning: I was having a bugger of a time at first, trying to spin it on the bottom-whorl spindles, but when I switched over to the top-whorl it just flew! I definitely plan on making more top-whorl spindles (hopefully less ugly than my first!).

Of course, since it’s only on loan, I’ve been trying to get as much time and practice with the Elizabeth wheel as possible. I spun that brown Coopworth up during Wheel Week 1, two bobbins worth, and plyed them together…

first wheelspun yarn -- close-up

This close shot will show all you experienced spinners both my overtwisting and my unevenness, but I’m sure these are common beginner issues. The overspinning I know is a tension thing; the unevenness a drafting one. I’m working on both, but hey, I still made yarn!

unbalanced yarn

Yeah, it’s uneven yarn at that — another beginner’s issue. Anyone have any tips on adjusting that? Until I can figure it out, I’m just washing my skeins and weighting them a bit to straighten things out. But hey, I made yarn!

2 Skeins -- 1st wheel-spun yarn

See, two whole skiens of yarn! Natural dark-brown Coopworth, about a worsted weight. (I really should check the WPI, shouldn’t I? And maybe check the skein weight, and measure the yardage…)

Now, whatever shall I knit with them?



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3 responses to “Can’t stop spinning!

  1. Your yarn looks great!

    I have the over-spinning issue too, but I figure that’ll just work itself out with time. (I’m so busy these days that I have to say that I’m jealous of your spinning! ;)

    Maybe doing something really special with your yarn like a cool purse or hat — something that you can use and also show off would be cool…

    Really awesome job! (^_^)\/

  2. Secret Pal

    The brown yarn looks lovely! I want some brown yarn now too.

    I believe that the wool I sent you is Merino. It’s so soft, isn’t it? YUM. I’m glad you’re having fun.


  3. Kelly

    soaking and weighting is a good idea anyway – and don’t feel bad about twists and unevenness – chalk it up to experience and then call it “designer yarn”!! lol

    PS I’m jealous too; I haven’t been able to spin all week, and now I’ve gone and started another project. I am a big dummy.

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