1905 Knitting

Here’s a quaint little Knitting as Recreation article from McCall’s Magazine, June 1905. Turns out people have known that knitting is good for recovery and relaxation for a long time :)

I also just really like that the entire issue of the magazine is online; that’s just nifty. Does anyone else know of some truly vintage knitting patterns on the web?



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3 responses to “1905 Knitting

  1. Hey Em!

    There is a website called the “Yarn Lover’s Room” at: http://www.knitting-crochet.com/ .

    I’ve browsed through some of the patterns there and they have a really wide variety of things (many for free…)

  2. Eva

    I’m glad you like the scans! :)

    You might also want to look into Beeton’s Book of Needlework from 1870, which has a whole chapter on knitting. I have a paper copy, but I think the antique pattern library has a free pdf version available:

  3. Eva

    I forgot about this one! It’s also free and from 1884:


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