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Pixel-Stained TechoPeasant Day Offering

For St. Jodi and International Pixel-Stained TechoPeasant Day, it it time to share art.

Before I was a “knitter” I was considered somewhat musical, and a “bard” within the SCA. The Bardic community at large has always been so open and inviting, so full of knowledge and always ready with words of encouragement, they seem to embody the ideals behind this commemorative day. So, here are some “bardic” mp3s for you!

In honour of peasants everywhere, first I give you The Poacher’s Song. Lyrics and music by myself, recording/backing vocals/many instruments by the lovely Heather Dale.

And for the heck of it, here’s Bedlam Boys, a fine trad/folk piece recorded at the “Bardic Kitchen Party” a few years back (backing vocals/percussion by many of the Ealdormere Bardic College). The recording is rough and live, but I’m sure you can tell we were having fun!

If you feel like investigating the original albums these tracks are from, check out http://www.amphismusic.com/ . I personally don’t have a full CD recorded (just a few of these “cameos”), but I know many of the wonderful artists who participate in the Amphisbaena project. For now though, the tracks above are “mine”, and I give them to you freely and gladly!


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