Write Night

…even for a catchy blog title, I can’t bring myself to misspell it “nite”…

Today my first letter from the Knitterly Letter Swap arrived! Check out the creativity of my letter pal:

Knitterly Letter Swap #1

Not just a letter on pretty note cards, but a bloggy-business card*, polaroids of pets and snippets of yarn and fabric! I was shamed by her creativity; for my first letter, I just wrote a letter. Not very simple, this letters-to-strangers thing, but I really like getting new mail!

Remembering that this thing should be about reciprocity, I sat down and wrote letters. To return to the KLS letter pal. To a friend who had mailed me a book, unexpectedly, a month or more ago. To a friend who deserved a reply letter months ago. (But not to you, Kelly or Laura or whatevertheheck, I just ran out of writing-steam! Soon, though, I promise; and I have sent you emails!)

I have discovered that I like to write letters, a lot, but I that I wish I had better pens and paper. And a proper chair to put at my writing desk, or a proper desk pad to put on the diningroom table. I also think that I suppress myself more in my handwritten letters than I do even in blogging, something I find odd. Perhaps the act of pen-to-paper is more intimate and deliberate than typing, and I shy away from it. I think I’d like that to change. I’d like to improve my letter-writing, both in resurrecting my penmanship and in polishing my epistolary honesty. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to be a bit more open here, too. I know I like to read knitblogs like the Harlot or Ms. Knitingale, writers who share bits of their lives as well as their progresses in their craft.

So tell me, is there something you’d like to know about me? (Not in a creepy stalker way, of course.) And, would you like a written letter? I’ll see what I can do to reply to either.

* I so want one for myself! But, am not entirely happy with my blog title. Am I stuck with it forever? Will I ever be able to think of anything better?



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2 responses to “Write Night

  1. Yeah, it was much harder than I originally thought it would be to write a letter to a stranger. Hope you enjoyed my letter. I was so afraid you would think I was some creepy, pet-obsessed freak. You might still think that, but that’s fine. :D

  2. Kelly

    Email is the best either one of us have managed, after all our high-flighted plans – I freely confess, I joined the knitterly letter-swap not only for the meeting-new-folks aspect, but because I thought if I *had* to get in the habit of letter writing, maybe I could slip in the occasional one to you without my rebellious hands noticing the difference! We’ll get there; just have to re-train the old instincts, that’s all! And maybe acquire a gorgeous little desk and some flowing gowns. Just, you know, to set the mood. LOL

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