unknown classics by the knitting masters

from a dream last night
…I was in a huge library, a grand affair with wood panelling over the walls, carven handrails with brass fittings, dust motes shining in the tinted light of stained glass windows. I began hunting through the shelves, looking for knitting books. I found the ‘crafts’ section and scanned the spines. Many familiar names were written there: a cookbook by Elizabeth Zimmereman; a woodworking handbook by Debbie New; one on interior design my Eunny Jang, and other such texts. But nothing on knitting! I even asked a librarian, but she just directed me into a small closest of oversized medieval manuscripts, and I was worried that Dru and I would be locked in, so didn’t stay long to read the red and black lettering or view the Arthurian illuminations…


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