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Good Mail Day

Dear Secret Pal,

I received my package last night! I got home after another blah workday, happy for the weekend but a bit out of sorts, and saw that there was a delivery slip in the lobby. Of course, I had no sooner let Dru into the house (a friend is staying the weekend here, and has his keys) and dropped off my stuff inside before I made us march right back out again to the post office for pick up. My nearest post office is located inside a Chinatown mall, so even that becomes somewhat of an adventure!

I was able to restrain myself from opening the package until we made it back home, though this was mostly due to the fact that something inside was rattling. “New yarn!” I kept telling Dru. “I can’t wait to see my new yarn!”

Well, didn’t you just fool me, O Mysterious One! When I finally did rip through the box (I also was able to restrain myself from reading the shipping slip, as instructed), what did I find but — not yarn at all! — 8oz new wool for spinning! And bright, sparkley Easter eggs, full of chocolates (one had burst: thus the rattling noise) and beautiful glass-bead stitch markers! The chocolate was swiftly divvied up between Dru and I, at least one plastic egg was requisitioned as a cat toy, the stitch markers were gathered and safety-pinned to the side of my WIP basket, and as for the fibre… well, I can’t decide whether to dye-then-spin it or spin-then-dye it! (Most likely I’ll spin it first, yielding more instant gratification and less “what if I screw it up?” stress.)

Thank you so very much, for the surprise, thoughtfulness, and sending of some very Good Mail. It completely made my weekend.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!
~ Em

P.S. As a bonus for Good Mail Day, Dru had found another package on our doorstep while he was waiting for me — my pre-ordered copy of the Yarn Harlot‘s new book Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off!



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