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More Work for the Mailman

Furthering my chances of getting good mail, I’ve signed up for Domesticat’s Knitterly Letter Swap. You write two letters, you get two letters, and the possiblities of corresponding with you could actually be friends with have got to be better than those penpal projects we all had to do in grade 5. Bonus points for stationary addicts (like me — O, the joy of buying new pens!).

Now I realize that I might be getting a bit too enthusiastic about this whole knit-blog-swap thing, but darnit, I want mail, and perhaps there really is something to be said for “recipocity”. Speaking of which, I really nead to get off my duff and put my SP10 package together (Note to Self: get paid Friday, then buy yarn!) — I have some good thoughts, and would love to solicit for ideas as to what else would be nice to send, but am a bit unsure as to the policies of blogging about a package before it goes out. Hrmm.

This is all the more on my mind as I recently got an email from my Secret Pal, saying a package is in the post for me! I can’t wait!! (Ok, I have to wait, I just hope customs doesn’t make me wait until, like, August or something…)


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