Daily Archives: March 14, 2007

FO (both “Finished Object” and the other words)

This is not the post I wanted to make. I had expected that here I would be writing smugly about how I’ve finished all the pices of Gatsby Girl. Yet pride goeth before, right?

Instead of that post, however, I just get to write that for some horrible and inexplicable reason, despite following the exact same directions each time, sleeve the second, the last of unfinished pieces, is a very destinctive 1.5-2″ short of sleeve the first.

This is where the cursing goes. Lots. And some crying.

Jodi, I love you to bits but your sweater pattern just might kill me yet. I’ve already had to start and redo both front/back peices about 3 times each, and have ripped back countess rows. It’s not even the lace that’s done me in (that part went lovely), but the insipid, repetitive, magically-shrinking 1×1 ribbing!

There’s not really much else for it, though, is there? When I can stand to, l’ll rip out sleeve the first and knit a sleeve the second over again.



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