Seeing Eunny knit

I was beginning to get worried — I hadn’t seen Eunny knit anything since the winter solctice! Now, I’m a big fan of her designs (two projects technically in progress even now), so the disapperance of her from the Land of Bloggers was a bit disconcerting.

Well, it’s now all clear where she’d disappeared to for almost a quarter rotation of our Earth — she’s been designing up a storm (wow, how I love that Fair Isle sweater!) and is the Editor-to-be of my so-far favorite* knitting magazine, Interweave Knits! This is very neat. I’ll be interested to see how the magazine shifts from one editor to another, but considering Eunny’s combination of classic techniques with ‘modern’ approaches, and her eye for colour and beauty, I think there will be good things to come.

*In that of the three I’ve ever bought, two have been IK.


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