Now with PICTURES!

For all that I may grumble about my boring perma-temp job, I have darned great co-workers. When I take a lunchbreak to go to the LYS, they don’t look at me like a weirdo: they either come along, or say “What’d ya get!?!” as soon as I’m back. And one has a cameraphone!

So without further ago, and at long last, a few pictures!!! They’re crazy-big, I don’t know how to edit them down to a reasonable size and can’t seem to choose a “show thumbnail” or somesuch option, but they’re pictures nonetheless!

Here is the state of the Bayerische WIP. Oh tiny cables, how I love you! (I know some of you are already snickering, and will no doubt be the first to refer back here when I’m only 1/3 through sock #2., but still…) Isn’t it amazing that this beautiful colour (even more beautiful in person, I assure you) comes from entirely natural dyes? This is great work-knitting: I can get through a row or two, here and there throughout the day, and feel like I’m making real progress with every tally-tick I make. It will still take a long time for me to get through this particular project, especially since I’ve decided to make mine knee-highs, but I have hope that since it is my work-knitting I’ll see it through to it’s gloriously cabled end.

Secondly, something new. Last weekend was the first time in over a year that The Dru and I went out to an SCA event. I had a really good time, both for seeing old friends and for getting a bit of a creative boost. That’s something I’ve always loved about the SCA: it’s diversity seems to provide me with nigh-on endless inspiration for new creative endeavours, and (for the most part) the people are so encouraging. Ever since Saturday I have been listening to Child ballads on my Nano, singing snippets when no-one’s listening, and have become obsessed with the notion of having a period handcraft for events.

Now yes, knitting is indeed medieval. Keep watching this space for an ultra-cool KAL/Challenge/project inspired by She Who Measures (details later). But, well, knitting certianly isn’t period for me. Also, if I’m going to knit at events, then I’m going to have a project with some research behind it, for all that I got complements on the Bayerische in the brief time I had it out. So if not knitting, then what?

Spinning. I have become obsessed with the idea of spinning! I think I’ve even dreamed about it. I’ve certianly been spending the last few days at work printing out every little how-to pamphlet on drop spindles and spinning that I can find! (And y’know, there’s really not a lot out there when compared with knitting — are knitters spoiled, or just more web-saavy and willing to share info?) Last night I even picked up some dowels at the local art supply store (and advantage of living in the OCAD district!) and dug out the little soapstone whorl I’d made at an A&S night years ago. Needless to say, this spindle is not the greatest, but I’m a cheapskate (I won’t pay $30 for a nice spindle until I know what I’m wanting out of it) and this got me one RightNow. Then I spun up what was left of the roving I’d had from my failed attempt at thrummed slippers while I watched CSI.

Today at lunch I was off to Lettuce Knit for more fibrecrack. After scoffing at their dropspindle selection (see above re: cheapskate — I’ll try out the hobby-car-wheel DYI spindle before shelling out $15+ for a spindle that hasn’t even been lathe-turned) I dove right into the big pile of Fleece Artist “slivers”. Wanna see what I got?

– 2 braids of Merino, the green and the rust: I figured if I didn’t completely screw up I could knit them together into something neat.
– 1 braid Blue Faced Leicester, the blues & purples: another 100% wool, but (I’m assuming) with different behaviours than the merino, to try to see if I can tell the difference.
– 1 braid Silk/Wool, the reds/browns/pinks, because it’s got silk! And again, to try the different behaviours of a different fibre content.

All this makes me very very happy and excited. I may muck up royally with this, but I think I’ll have fun while I’m at it!



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2 responses to “Now with PICTURES!

  1. I’m spinning up some olive green and coppery-rust wool together right now too! Mine’s starting out mostly olive with the rust thrown in occasionally; two bobbins are full now so we shall soon see if it looks like ass when plied.

  2. shewhomeasures

    I am so going to do the masterwork thingie. As soon as I figure out when/whether I have the time to concentrate on it. Projects are being determined based on relation to the original and usefulness to me, and I’m going to assume about 800 hours (six days a week at 10 hours a day got me 780, so I rounded up) for the three projects.

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