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Now with PICTURES!

For all that I may grumble about my boring perma-temp job, I have darned great co-workers. When I take a lunchbreak to go to the LYS, they don’t look at me like a weirdo: they either come along, or say “What’d ya get!?!” as soon as I’m back. And one has a cameraphone!

So without further ago, and at long last, a few pictures!!! They’re crazy-big, I don’t know how to edit them down to a reasonable size and can’t seem to choose a “show thumbnail” or somesuch option, but they’re pictures nonetheless!

Here is the state of the Bayerische WIP. Oh tiny cables, how I love you! (I know some of you are already snickering, and will no doubt be the first to refer back here when I’m only 1/3 through sock #2., but still…) Isn’t it amazing that this beautiful colour (even more beautiful in person, I assure you) comes from entirely natural dyes? This is great work-knitting: I can get through a row or two, here and there throughout the day, and feel like I’m making real progress with every tally-tick I make. It will still take a long time for me to get through this particular project, especially since I’ve decided to make mine knee-highs, but I have hope that since it is my work-knitting I’ll see it through to it’s gloriously cabled end.

Secondly, something new. Last weekend was the first time in over a year that The Dru and I went out to an SCA event. I had a really good time, both for seeing old friends and for getting a bit of a creative boost. That’s something I’ve always loved about the SCA: it’s diversity seems to provide me with nigh-on endless inspiration for new creative endeavours, and (for the most part) the people are so encouraging. Ever since Saturday I have been listening to Child ballads on my Nano, singing snippets when no-one’s listening, and have become obsessed with the notion of having a period handcraft for events.

Now yes, knitting is indeed medieval. Keep watching this space for an ultra-cool KAL/Challenge/project inspired by She Who Measures (details later). But, well, knitting certianly isn’t period for me. Also, if I’m going to knit at events, then I’m going to have a project with some research behind it, for all that I got complements on the Bayerische in the brief time I had it out. So if not knitting, then what?

Spinning. I have become obsessed with the idea of spinning! I think I’ve even dreamed about it. I’ve certianly been spending the last few days at work printing out every little how-to pamphlet on drop spindles and spinning that I can find! (And y’know, there’s really not a lot out there when compared with knitting — are knitters spoiled, or just more web-saavy and willing to share info?) Last night I even picked up some dowels at the local art supply store (and advantage of living in the OCAD district!) and dug out the little soapstone whorl I’d made at an A&S night years ago. Needless to say, this spindle is not the greatest, but I’m a cheapskate (I won’t pay $30 for a nice spindle until I know what I’m wanting out of it) and this got me one RightNow. Then I spun up what was left of the roving I’d had from my failed attempt at thrummed slippers while I watched CSI.

Today at lunch I was off to Lettuce Knit for more fibrecrack. After scoffing at their dropspindle selection (see above re: cheapskate — I’ll try out the hobby-car-wheel DYI spindle before shelling out $15+ for a spindle that hasn’t even been lathe-turned) I dove right into the big pile of Fleece Artist “slivers”. Wanna see what I got?

– 2 braids of Merino, the green and the rust: I figured if I didn’t completely screw up I could knit them together into something neat.
– 1 braid Blue Faced Leicester, the blues & purples: another 100% wool, but (I’m assuming) with different behaviours than the merino, to try to see if I can tell the difference.
– 1 braid Silk/Wool, the reds/browns/pinks, because it’s got silk! And again, to try the different behaviours of a different fibre content.

All this makes me very very happy and excited. I may muck up royally with this, but I think I’ll have fun while I’m at it!



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